Let’s take a moment to celebrate this

My eight year old does not eat sandwiches. Neither does he touch wraps or anything which hides “stuff” behind an opaque barrier. Even when he can see what is behind the barrier.

This is of course terribly inconvenient when we are travelling. Like now when we are spending the Easter holidays in London. We are having a great time, as long as we make sure to stop for lunch at a place that serves hot food in a variety of options.

It worked until today when we came out of Westminster Abbey, ravenously hungry but on a tight schedule. So restaurants were out of question. We made our way to a Pret a Manger cafe (which we happen to like), dragging a reluctant boy who was convinced there was nothing for him to eat.

Apparently the soups were “too wet”. Finally we homed in on the last spicy chicken wrap and somehow convinced him to try it. One couldn’t see what was inside. But…a couple of tentative bites and he liked it! Happy kid, happy mom.

I had a veggie salad that was so brimming with freshness and flavour that I didn’t even need the dressing. A squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of salt on the quinoa, rice, beetroot, baby spinach, cashews and peas, and I was totally satisfied with the results!


Wish there was one of these cafes in Munich! I love their emphasis on super-fresh and clean-tasting food without additives and preservatives. And the prices are reasonable too. I liked the ambience too. Had there been one in Munich, I would have made it my writing studio.