What do you call the son of a minimalist? A Maximalist!


Because look at the number of spices and condiments he got out to season his little turkey steak…


In contrast, just the day before, I had a bowl of spaghetti with the most amazing raw sauce on it! I grated up some carrots and zucchini. Chopped up some cucumber and parsley, dress it all in a light mustard sauce (made from salt, jarred mustard, lemon, pepper and a dash of virgin sunflower oil). It was sooo good! Check out the featured photo which I have to post again here just because it is so pretty.


There is no recipe people, because really it is just all about putting in the raw veggies you like, with a dressing you dig. Spice it up or down as you wish. Done! Its a bit like a pasta salad but oh so different.

To be fair, my son’s steak didn’t taste bad either. It was like the store-bought marinades and marinated meats (ready to stick into the grill) you can get everywhere. Now you know what goes into those concoctions where the ingredient list is bigger than the piece of food you want to marinate. I prefer a more streamlined taste, is all I am saying!

Someone baked a couple of cakes over the weekend. They were delicious but I am not allowed to talk about them or post pictures, shhh…