Why I Didn’t Do the Obvious

2017. A new year has begun and I am optimistic, despite everything. Dear Reader, I hope you have been well. So here is what I have been doing the last three months (Aargh! can’t believe it has been that long!)

1. Coughing my guts out and popping pills

2. Cleaning up after son, also coughing out his guts

3. Drinking tea in between 1 and 2, and sometimes during


3. This was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you Team IWP for a wonderful journey through literary treasures and life-affirming advice. I can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to write well! The four weeks passed in a breeze, reading all the material and writing up the challenging but fun assignments. It was rather timely because I could make progress on my novel and figure out some things.

3. Applied for a writing fellowship, this took up a lot of time. Fingers crossed and lips sealed (wink, wink)

5. Taking short-cuts with cooking

Exhibit 1: Phena BhatIMAG0751.jpg

This is my Bengali comfort foot of choice when illness kicks me with iron-spiked shoes. It is simply rice cooked with four times as much water, till the whole thing is a mushy porridge. One must absolutely use fragrant rice – I used Thai jasmine rice. Some diced potato added at the beginning gives it a nice touch. And what takes it to a sublime level? A generous dollop of homemade ghee just before you eat!

I nervously served it to my picky son and the eight-year-old who usually abhors mushy looking food said, “Very good!” Several times.

Exhibit 2: Chinese style fried rice

With tofu (I made it for myself but then had to share with my son who declared he loves tofu)


or with ground meat – a standard choice for the two men in the house


Exhibit 3: Sweets


Nothing like cake and tea at a cafe to get back some energy again!


To be continued…







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