Coffee with pepper!

In a coffee plantation, you will see tall trees between the coffee bushes, really tall trees which go straight up to grow a canopy to block out sunlight. Coffee loves shade.

Pepper loves shade too, and tall trees to hug.


Those vines covering the tree trunks? Those are pepper vines.


Pepper buds.

Thus the coffee estates have two harvests every year, one of coffee and one of pepper.

Here is a fun fact –  Everyone who works on the estate is forced to take a holiday for three days once the coffee flowers bloom. Why? Because the flowers are very fragile and will drop at the slightest touch. So to maximize yield, people are forbidden from working during blooming time. Coffee blooms in the month of April. Apparently it is a spectacular sight, the entire hillside looks white and the air is fragrant. Might be a good time to be around.