Monastiraki Square and a memorable meal

One of our favourite places in Athens was a very lively neighbourhood centered around Monastiraki square. Here is another view:


The famous Athens flea market is right there:


Where we walked down a long and narrow street and just looked at the length and breadth of wares on display. There wasn’t anything that wasn’t being sold here.


And although it says flea market, there were new things on sale too. Like handmade leather sandals. We went back on the third day because my sister badly needed some. We found a shop right near the entrance, where a very nice woman helped her choose a very comfortable and nice looking pair at a super reasonable price! Afterwards, we went back into the square and walked towards an alley lined with all kinds of eateries. We stopped at a tavern which looked inviting. I couldn’t tell you what it was called, because it was all Greek to me (couldn’t resist that one!) but perhaps one of my Greek friends could decipher that sign:


Here we had one of our best meals in Greece, it might even have been the best, but the competition was tough.



A nice, refreshing salad of chopped lettuce, scallions, dill, tomatoes and olives


Grilled peppers were out of this world!


I didn’t know that plain cooked greens with olive oil and lemon could taste so good!


Zucchini fritters – yumm!


My sister wanted some grilled pork. It was so flavourful. The french fries and pita bread were unnecessary in our opinion, because by then we were quite stuffed.


And finally a dessert on the house, because it is a traditional kind of tavern. It was seriously awesome! Greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon and squares of what I can only describe as semolina halwa. We Indians grow up eating that stuff, I make it sometimes too. It’s simple, toast semolina, add sugar, add water, cook, done. It was interesting to find it in a traditional Greek dessert.

The corner where this tavern was located happened to be the liveliest corner of Monastiraki Square. A most enjoyable couple of hours were spent there that last evening in Athens.