A Real Holiday – Greek and All

I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks. No, I am not dead. Although sometimes I had to pinch myself last week just to make sure that I was still, you know, walking on this earth. What happened was this. Two weeks ago, my sister, the only one I have, passed through Munich on her way to somewhere else.It is quite a big deal because the last time I saw her was about a year ago.

Anyway, we decided to check out Greece while she was in the neighbourhood. We have been wanting to go to this particular country for a long time, as in since childhood. I don’t know about folks in other countries, but a good part of our school history was about the ancient Greeks and their magnificent doings. We have a lot in common, a fact I appreciated even more once I was actually there.

We went to Athens for a few days and then to Delphi – yes that place where the famous oracle was, for a night. It was a great feeling to be able to go on holiday, completely unfettered by responsibilities of the domestic kind. Just us two sisters, for the first time on a holiday by ourselves.

We had a great time, discovering a fascinating country and its friendly people, and enjoying each other’s company while doing so. Oh and we also ate some fantastic food. In the days to come, I shall give an account of our trip, as in what we saw and the things we ate. Yes, this is a food blog after all, for the most part.

And for those of you who are wondering, the son had to stay home because of school, yep you cannot just disappear with the kid while school is in session in this country. But he was quite pleased at the prospect of getting to spend time with his father and grandmother, unencumbered by the restrictions and rules that apparently only I impose. Never even missed me once!

His only question when we came back. Did you get me a toy? When I explained that I didn’t see a toy store (honest answer folks, with the caveat that I wasn’t exactly looking for one, ahem – because truth be told that kid has way too many toys already and I wasn’t going to buy Lego in Greece), he asked if Greece had cars on the roads. We answered in the affirmative of course. Then he wondered what kind of country has cars on the road but no toys in its shops. The kind of country where I go on holiday, obviously. I did get him some candied fruit and some souvenirs from the Acropolis museum. Just saying, I am not as heartless as you might think!