Need a Pick-me-up? Listen to a TED talk

Ever heard a TED talk? There are more than two thousand of them on YouTube on various topics. Take your pick. They are invariably excellent. I wish I had access to them when I was younger. But they were not freely available online until 2006.

All talks follow the same format. There is an expert on some topic, the expert is very well spoken (and well rehearsed!), the sentences are short and easy to understand and the talk is very well organized.

I usually gravitate towards talks which address issues of life like stress, gender disparity, career fulfillment and so on. Once in a while, one catches my eye while I am looking for something else, and I am always glad that I took the time to listen to it.

I remember one time I was down with the flu and really sick and miserable. I was supposed to be sleeping, but instead I propped myself up in bed and listened to one TED talk after another. I swear they helped a lot more than sleeping could have.

TEDx talks are given independently of the TED conferences and also very good. I believe there is even a talk which explains the difference. Here is a TEDx talk that I heard recently that I would highly recommend.

What They Don’t Teach You About Career Fulfillment in School

This is a talk I sincerely wish I had heard when I was eighteen years old. Or even twenty-one. Would have saved me a lot of heartache and confusion. If you are wondering about what career path to take, or are feeling frustrated with your current one, or are a parent, then please listen to this.If you need a little summary to figure out if it is worth the time, then read on.

Most of us take career decisions based on goals. Usually these goals are about money, or status or material goods. But in the daily grind, we often find that these goals no longer have the ability to keep us going. And we find ourselves feeling demoralized or disengaged.

The ideal way to make career decisions  is to ask ourselves whether we are able to live the values that we treasure the most, on a day to day basis in the career that we are about to choose. If that sounds too abstract, think of it this way, is there something that you like to do that makes you feel more alive, that makes you lose track of time, that makes you feel energized? Then you need to find a way to incorporate that into your career.

Apparently, where there is a will there is a way! Yes, no matter what that thing is.

In my case, it took me a long time to figure out that that thing is creative writing. But that’s another story for another day.

Have a wonderful week!