Indian hand-made ceramic spice-jar condiment-jar

Hand-painted condiment jars

These things really brighten up my day every time I enter the kitchen. Thanks to my friend Nithya who felt compelled to gift them to me when I drooled all over them at her place. She had picked them up at the Kalakshetra crafts bazaar. I love crafts bazaars and try to visit one when I am in India. They are a seasonal feature, held mostly in the cool and dry months of winter in India, where artisans from all over the country come and sell their works of art. Some of my most treasured things have been purchased in a crafts bazaar.


One thought on “Hand-painted condiment jars

  1. Nithya

    They look so pretty! I am so glad you’re enjoying them. I had forgotten about them. Say the word and I’ll get you some more.

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