My Exciting New Venture

I am so happy and proud to be part of the Munich Artists Say Hello 2017 art installation. Talented artist and fellow writer Emmy Horstkamp of Munich Artists has made this wonderful collaborative project with a group of accomplished artists whose beautiful creations left me floored today when I went to see the finished installation in its current location. The airy Galerie Freiraum16 is the perfect space for the 47 individual art pieces that Emmy so thoughtfully bound together into one whole that seemed almost ethereal in quality. My photographs give a glimpse, albeit incomplete.


That’s my creation on the left


This is what Emmy has to say about her concept for the Say Hello Installation 2017

This year, I chose a small wooden box found at a local art store as the basis of each art object.

The box size was the only restriction imposed on the artists.  The artists were asked to use the box as the starting point for their art object but they had the freedom to create an art piece resonating with their art style and focus as long as it was no wider than 16cm.

In addition to submitting an art object made from a box, the artists submitted samples of their voices which have been merged into a sound piece called the quiet murmur. 

This year, our installation will be shown in three locations.  The first Installation will be spread out over several windows and is divided into three sections:  the murmur, the divide and the output.

The box melody installation visualises the art practice of Munich Artists, how artists keep their creative voices while working in a collaborative way with other artists.

“the murmur” speakers

Here are some closer glimpses of my box (which stood humbly next to the masterly works):

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Quoting Emmy again:

The three components of the installation represent the following:

  • The murmur (Audio Piece from Munich Artists Voices) represents the harmonious voices of Munich’s creatives which inspire other artists to create and explore.  The audio pieces is divided into three sections to represent the development of collaboration which always starts with one idea.  An exchange of ideas and then the final enjoyment of sharing the finished art piece.
  • The divide (represented by empty space) represents the pause between inspiration and execution.  The time and space needed for creatives to take an idea and make it a reality.
  • The output (Art objects created by Munich Artists) represents the result of inspiration and reflection. It is the symbiotic and harmonious creativity of Munich Artists and demonstrates the uniqueness of each artist which is not lost as they  share their creative energy and talents with each other.

Because the installation spaces are all different, the installation will change at each location.

Do come by and check out the installation in the following locations if you live in Munich or nearby, or heck, in Germany!

  1. Galerie Freiraum16 until this Monday
  2. Studio Barbara Süssmeier April 26-May 24, Elsässer Strasse, Munich 19, Germany 81667
  3. Odeonsplatz Subway Station May 28-June 25,